Low Temperature Circulating Bath
Low Temperature Circulating Bath
SR Lab Instruments Pvt. Ltd.G16, M.K Industrial estate, Sonawala Cross Rd Number 2, Goregaon East, , Mumbai , Maharashtra , ( 400063 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: SR Lab Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 210x160 mm
Composition / Material Type: Steel Cast Bearing Body
Usages: Laboratory Use
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Applications Low temperature Circulating Bath The Accelerated Thermal Cycle Chamber is ideal for test requiring rapid changes in specimen temperature, and covers various applications from JEDEC, IEC standards to screening. It features new technologies, such as a specimen temperature control function maintaining linear specimen temperature change rates during rapid thermal cycling, and temperature ramp control. SR Lab Instruments chamber meet JEDEC, IEC, and other international test performance standards. The units can be installed around the world for consistent testing at different facilities. Controller System PID/PLC based Color display Touch screen TFT provided with program logic controller. No. of programs & profile segments with ramp & soak duration provided for cyclic operation. The controller is able to communicate with many different types of hardware using high speed RS 232/485 communications ports and Ethernet/USB communications for fast downloads. Remote monitoring and operation. Internet explorer based comm. On board comms ports. Set value & process value with graphical display on main screen. Graphical trend and operating parameters of auto tune & calibration. PC communication facility for operating the chamber through PC & data logging option provided with log interval. The latest version software (user friendly) provided with controls & instruments. Fault indication. External Finish Outer material is 16 Swg CRCA/Stainless steel with primed and phosphate epoxy based electrostatic powder coating finishing for a pleasant appearance. Workspace Conditioning Air circulation within the chamber is Laminar airflow provided with suitable capacity of fan motor and impeller for uniform distribution of temperature and humidity to maintain within specified limits. Salient features Universally accepted MODBUS protocol Up to 253 instruments can be daisy chained on the RS 485 bus Monitor/Download stored data from our range of supported products User friendly and Reliable User configurable on site Paperless recorder Recorder wiring Thermocouple Integrating hour meter with reset Overcool protector Emergency stop pushbutton

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