Walk-In Incubator Chamber
Walk-In Incubator Chamber
SR Lab Instruments Pvt. Ltd.G16, M.K Industrial estate, Sonawala Cross Rd Number 2, Goregaon East, , Mumbai , Maharashtra , ( 400063 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: SR Lab Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 180x150 mm
Composition / Material Type: Steel Cast Bearing Body
Usages: Laboratory Use
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Temperature Range +10ºC to +60ºC  Accuracy ± 0.2% * Uniformity ± 1°C ] Power Supply Single phase, 230V AC, 50 Hz.  Applications Used for Incubator of large number of samples in hospitals research institutions, public health laboratories, etc these chambers can be used for environment testing of production samples & large size equipments where temp. & humidity are to be controlled. They are suitable for storage of electronic components, biological specimen & accelerated ageing tests of large number of pharmaceutical samples They can also be used for botanical, cytological, plant & animal breeding laboratories, where controlled conditions of temp./humidity & illumination are required.  Construction Triple walled, the exterior is made of CRCA with non-containment epoxy powder coated & interiors are made of AISI S.S.304 with PUF insulation, double walled door with PUF insulation. The unit will be made of double walled leak proof metal door with lock, with a provision of opening door from inside. Forced air circulation for uniform temperature.  Viewing Window 300×300 (mm)  Air Circulation Efficient forced air circulating system is provided to ensure uniform conditions inside the Chamber at temperature of ± 2°C.  Heating Air heaters are provided for heating above ambient temperatures.  Illumination Suitable illumination of the chamber.  CO2 Application (Optional) Complete package with CO2 Sensor for packaging between range of 250 PPM to 2000 PPM with CO2 cylinder & regulator. g Temperature Control Microprocessor based PID temperature control with printer interface (Centronic port). PC interface with RS232CPC/RS-485 interface for multiple networking of controller. Data loggers, μP profile controller for Ramp/Soak for cyclic applications chamber illumination with Pt100 sensor. s Safety Features Unit will be provided with safety devices for temperature in case of malfunction. Built‐in temp. Deviation, audio/visual alarms.Safety thermostat for over shooting of temp. Safety circuit to cut off the whole system. OLP (Overload Protector) & Time delay Circuit for safety of compressors. HRC fuses for compressors, heaters & mains.  Refrigeration System A hermetically seated compressor with CFC free refrigerant provides temperature below ambient conditions. CFC free refrigerant to be used to comply with the New Environmental Regulation. Will have suitable tonnage compressor for maintain temperature with lights on. Will have hermetically sealed condensing unit compressor coupled with Evaporation coil and condenser, safe guarded by time delay circuit. Cabinet shall be supplied with air‐cooled condensing unit with extended compressor life and close temperature control. Cooling system will be split type to place condenser unit in a ventilated area to avoid hot air in growth chamber. Cooled air shall be delivered in such a way to reduce or eliminate condensation within media dishes and to provide maximum uniformity In different research vessels. This may be through silent and durable fan motors or through any kind of advanced air diffusers. Air Cooled Condenser with solenoid & LP to pass hot gas to the chamber for uniformity & long life of compressor for continuous usage. r Special Care Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer to be installed by you in case of voltage fluctuations & the ambient conditions to be maintained below 30°C at your scope. Microprocessor controlled chamber with required safety features to set various growth parameters to Plant environment. (US standard for sheet and plate iron and steel). Interior finish with stainless steel 304 Grade. Exterior painted with highly reflective, eco-friendly, high temperature baked white powder coating for corrosion resistance, long life, and ease of cleaning. Chamber: The chamber having adjustable tiers of steel shelving adjustable on increments. Full‐width door with keyed lock and magnetic gaskets for positive perimeter seal. Shall provide full access to the chamber interior. Shelves shall be supported by shelf clips/grooves which allow vertical adjustments. Each shelf shall support at least 25kg of distributed load.

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