Biosafety Cabinet
Biosafety Cabinet
Khera Instruments Pvt. Ltd. M - 4 Aradhna Bhawan, Commercial Complex,, Azadpur, , Delhi , Delhi , ( 110033 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Manual
Brand Name: Khera Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 4’x2’x2’ and 6’x2’x2’
Composition / Material Type: Steel Cast Bearing Body
Usages: Laboratory Use
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Our Biosafety Cabinet features are as follows:

1. The system is microprocessor based. The microprocessor displays the inflow and down flow air velocities in real time on an LCD display.

2. Motor automatically adjust the air flow speed to ensure continuous safe working condition. Air flow as per requirements of Bio safety regulations in respect of atleast BSC II A level cabinet.

3. Noise level less than 65 decibel.

4. The interior of the cabinet of SS.

5. Efficiency of HEPA filter is almost 99.97%.

6. The Bio safety cabinet is fitted with a pressure sensor to detect pressure drop across the supply filter.

7. Front of the cabinet shall be angled to help minimize glair.

8. Fluorescent lamps for lighting of the interior of the cabinet.

9. UV light is also fitted to disinfect the interior of the cabinet. UV light shall be programmable to allow for specific exposure time from 0 to 24 hrs. Automatic UV switch =OFF‘ on opening of front window. The front window is made of laminated safety glass to protect against leakage of UV rays and to ensure containment of potential hazardous material.

10. Safety alarm / safety display forLow air velocity and Faulty exhaust fan.

11. Power input 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz fitted with Indian plug.

12. Movable stands

13. Dimensions:4’x2’x2’ and 6’x2’x2’

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