Commercial Soya Milk Paneer machine
Commercial Soya Milk Paneer machine
Pushpanjali Agro Industries Gaurav Park, Ambala, HaryanaPLOT NO.29 GAURAV PARK NEAR TANGRI BRIDGE , ambala , Haryana , ( 134001 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: Pushpanjali Agro Industries
Packaging: 2100x1300 mm
Composition / Material Type: Steel Cast Bearing Body
Usages: Human Use
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Product Description:

Specifications: ·

Production capacity 200 lts soy Milk/hr. · Automatic Soy Milk Seprator · Water Level Indicator · Pressure Guage/Saftey Vaulve · Auto Water Feeding · Milk Tank and Stinles steel Structure · Auto MilknTransfer Pump The Design, Photograph and this model belongs exclusively only to Pushpanjali Agro Ind., intimation Prohibited. We offer quality milk making machinery and plants with various designes and sizes, customized also Soya Milk Machine is a new product developed by us which can be used to produce soya milk. It has many excellences like small volume, safe and easy to operate, quick to get milk, large capacity, nice looking, and the main parts of the Soya Milk Maker are made of stainless steel. The soya milk made by it is nutritious, good tasted, and no any antiseptic, match with the foodstuff sanitation standards, good for people’s health.

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