Digital and Analog Trainer Board
Digital and Analog Trainer Board
Texla Scientific InstrumentsNo 3 - 3 - 593, Chappal Bazar, Sri Datta Nivas, Kachiguda, , Hyderabad , Telangana , ( 500027 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: Texla Scientific Instruments
Packaging: 180x152 mm
Composition / Material Type: Cast Iron Bodies
Usages: Laboratory Use
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Description: Special Features: 1 Bread boards Fixed DC sources of 5V Two Variable DC sources of +15v GND -15v. One pulse & 7 segment display 8 Logic level input switches 8 Logic output level indicators We also supply: Amplitude, Frequency, Phase, Pulse Amplitude /Width/Position/Code, D P S K, Q P S K, ASK Modulation and Demodulation Trainer, Verification of Sampling Theorem, Shift Registers Trainer, Study of Sampling Gates , D/A Converter, Decade Counter and Binary Counter.

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