Ambey internationals#2557/4, Bangali Mohalla,Near Haryana Bakery Hargolal Road, , Ambala , Haryana , ( 133001 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: Ambey internationals
Packaging: 1900x1500 mm
Composition / Material Type: Cast Iron
Usages: Laboratory Use
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The DIGITAL LAB is intended for elementary as well as advance training of digital electronics. The digital lab covers regular digital circuits by solder-less interconnections on breadboard and as well as compatible with all optional modules through use of 2mm brass terminals and patch cords. Various clock generators, logic level input/output indicators and DC regulated power supplies etc. are in-built. The unit housed in attractive enclosure is supplied with mains cord, patch cords, Instruction manual and Component Set. Experimental Coverage: 01. Logic gates operation 02. To verify De-morgan’s theorem with boolean logic equations 03. Binary to Gray code conversion 04. Gray code to Binary conversion 05. Binary to Excess-3 code conversion 06. Binary Adder and Subtractor 07. Binary Multiplier 08. EX-OR gate implementation 09. Application of EX-OR gate 10. Johnson Counter 11. To verify the dual nature of Logic Gates 12. Study of Flip-Flops RS, JK, D&T 13. Multiplexer and Demultiplexer 14. 4 Bit Binary up and down counter 15. Study of 8 to 3 Line Encoder 16. Study of 3 to 8 Line Decoder 17. Study of Shift Register (SIPO) 18. CMOS-TTL Interfacing 19. Study of Crystal oscillator 20. Study of pulse stretcher circuit Bread Board : Unique solder-less large size, spring loaded breadboard consisting of two Terminal Strips with 1280 tie points and 4 Distribution Strips with 100 tie points each, totaling to 1680 tie points. (Size : 112mm x 170mm approx) Regulated DC Power Supply : +5V at 1 Amp, -5V at 500 mA, 3 to +15V at 500mA, and -3 to -15V at 500 mA. Pulse Generator : 1 Hz to 1 MHz in 6 Steps. Variable in between steps - Amplitude : 3-15V (CMOS), 5V (TTL) - Duty Cycle : 50% TTL / CMOS Output Pulsar Switches : 2 independent buffered bounce free manual pulser (useful for freezing the action of each stage of the counter after every clock pulse) Data Switches : 12 Nos. independent buffered logic level inputs to select High / Low TTL levels, each with a bi-color LED to indicate high / low status and termination. Logic Indicators : 12 Nos. independent buffered logic level indicators for High / Low status indication with bi-color LED for digital outputs Seven Segment Display : 2 Nos. BCD to Seven Segment Decoder / Driver IC with terminals Logic Probe : Logic level indicator for TTL / CMOS CMOS/TTL : Provided Power : 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz Components Provided : ICs-4001/1, 4049/1,4069/1, 7400/1, 7402/1, 7404/1, 7406/1, 7408/2, 7410/2, 7411/3, 7420/2,7432/3, 7474/2,7476/2,7486/1.Resistors-330E/1,1K/2, 1K8/1,,15K/1, 47K/1.1M/2, Capacitors- 0.01mF/1, 0.1mF/1, 0.22 mF/1,Crystal-32.768MHz/1. Accessories : Mains cord, Operating and Experimental manual, Red & Black patch cords (2mm with Pin) 10 each, Red & Black patch cord (Pin to Pin) 10 each. Wire 24/25 SWG. 1Meter each 5 Colour Instruction manual : Strongly supported by detailed operating instructions.

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