Environmental Test Chamber
Environmental Test Chamber
SR Lab Instruments Pvt. Ltd.G16, M.K Industrial estate, Sonawala Cross Rd Number 2, Goregaon East, , Mumbai , Maharashtra , ( 400063 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: SR Lab Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 180x150 mm
Composition / Material Type: Stainless Steel
Usages: Laboratory Use
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Temperature Range: -70ºC to +200ºC Fluctuation: ± 0.2°C Gradient: ± 0.7°C Heating Rate: 1-5°C/m Cooling Rate: 1-5°C/m Humidity Range: 10% – 98% RH Accuracy: ± 3% RH Humidity Fluctuation: < ± 2.5% Humidity Gradient: ~ ±3%  Air Circulation Efficient forced air circulating system is provided to ensure uniform temperature.  Heating & Humidification Air heaters are provided for heating above ambient temperatures. A water boiler with reservoir & float valve produces steam for humidifying the chamber.  Applications These equipments are used for climatic and durability tests of electrical and electronic components, corrosion test on mechanical assemblies, tests on packages, paints and varnishes, cement plants, apparatus and materials for simulated tropical and extreme tropical conditions and for botanical and zoological investigations, testing of chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medicine, capsules, etc.  Construction The chamber is triple walled at back and bottom inter both the walls are stainless steel 304 quality duly polished with mirror finish buffing & outer wall is stainless steel 304 quality matt finish. This construction avoids rusting problems caused due to condensation at -70°C & humidity.  Refrigeration System Cooling: By hermetically sealed “Emersion”/Kirloskar Make Compressor. 2 stage compressor cooling system with cascade system for Ultra Low Temperature range & single stage system for humidity control. Cooling Coil: Copper cooling coil is sandwiched between the “PUFF” insulation & the outer side of the inner working chamber to transfer the cooling by conduction process for Ultra Low Temperature range. A separate finned cooling coil is fitted behind the baffle wall below the blower fan for humidity control system. Condensing Unit: Heavy duty air cooled condensing unit with condensing fan will be provided at bottom side of the chamber. The complete assembly is cited on base in such a way that any component can be replaced very easily. Refrigerant: CFC free-404 A for the first & third stage & CFC free SUVA-95 for the second stage. g Temperature & R.H. Control Controls: Microprocessor based PID/PLC controls with HMI for the entire system to be controlled with single HMI. Data Acquisition System: Microprocessor based electronic data acquisition system for recording High/Low temperature & Humidity with respect to time and date for audit trial purpose also provided with the unit is RS-232 port for PC connectivity. Sensors: Direct RH% Rotronic Make Hygroclip sensors imported from Switzerland for Relative Humidity which can withstand a temperature of 200°C. 2 nos. PT-100 sensors for temperature -70°C to +200°C is provided inside the chamber.

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