Ambey internationals#2557/4, Bangali Mohalla,Near Haryana Bakery Hargolal Road, , Ambala , Haryana , ( 133001 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: Ambey internationals
Packaging: 120x150 mm
Composition / Material Type: Cast Iron
Usages: Human Use
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Operational Amplifier as Inverting. Operational Amplifier as Non – Inverting. Operational amplifier as an ac non inverting & inverting amplifier Operational Amplifier as Adder( Summing Amplifier ) Operational amplifier as scaling and averaging amplifier. Operational Amplifier as Sub-tractor ( differential Amplifier) Operational Amplifier as Triangular to Square wave convertor ( differentiator) Operational Amplifier as Square to Triangular wave convertor (integrator). Operational amplifier as low pass and high pass filter & implementation of Band pass active filter also. Operational Amplifier as Sine Wave / Wien Bridge Oscillator. Operational Amplifier as Sine to Square Wave convertor( Schmitt trigger) Operational Amplifier as Voltage comparator Operational amplifier as Schmitt trigger & zero crossing detector. Operational Amplifier as Logarithmic Amplifier. Salient Features: Nos. of op-amp circuits can be built in linear integrated lab. The regulated power supplies are used. Supplied with 3 additional regulated power supplies for applications. All sockets are 2mm with sufficient nos. of patch cords. Technical Specification: The Instrument comprises of the Following built in Parts:- Three continuously variable DC regulated power supplies of 0-3V, 0-5V and 0-12V Dc, Two Controls Switches mounted on the panel or a Digital panel voltmeter in place of switches. One fixed voltage DC Regulated power supplies +15V is on Board for internal op-amp biasing. One Variable Resistor (Potentiometer) having 10K value is mounted on the board. N number of Resistances and Capacitors are on board for the required operations to be performed. 4 Diode 1N4007, 2 numbers of 1N4148, 2 LED and 2 numbers of Zener Diode having value of 3.3V and 5.1V are mounted on the board. Two numbers of 741 Operational Amplifiers are mounted on the board. Operated on 230V, 50Hz power supply +10% Packing list Instruction manual Power supply mains 3 pin cord Patch cords

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