Ambey internationals#2557/4, Bangali Mohalla,Near Haryana Bakery Hargolal Road, , Ambala , Haryana , ( 133001 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: Ambey internationals
Packaging: 125x200 mm
Composition / Material Type: Cast Iron
Usages: Human Use
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It is fitted with appropriate Digital voltmeter, ammeter to record the readings. Distribution Protection with 3 Phase Over Voltage, Under Voltage combined and Over-Current 1 phase Relay 1Nos. of 0-30V Low Voltage Variable AC Supply Inbuilt. 1Nos. of 0-30V Low Voltage Variable DC Supply Inbuilt. 1Nos. of Low Voltage Single Phase Step up Transformer 30V:240V of 150VA inbuilt. 1Nos. of Low Voltage Single Phase Step down Transformer 240V:30V of 150VA inbuilt. Electrical control panel with 1 Nos. 3 phase 3KVA transformer. (1KVA per phase) will be Tap Selection. Electrical control panel with 1 Nos. 3 phase 5KVA transformer. (1.66KVA per phase). Primary of transformer of 440V and secondary of the transformer will be 220V. Transformer will be differently housed in a MS powder cabinet for easy carrying and other general use. Transformer provided will be high quality copper wound. Control Panel size 42”x24”. Electrical panel fitted with front panel of high class insulated Bakelite sheet 6mm of thickness. Short circuit protection with the help of MCB. 1 NOS. 5A variable AC Supply is provided separately through variac for short circuit test. 4 Types load system will be provided Star Connected resistive (internally), Delta Connected resistive (internally), inductive (Externally) and Capacitive (Internally). Connections through 4mm highly shockproof safety sockets Supplied with instruction manual Digital Voltmeter Ammeter is connected on the front panel to measurement the electrical voltage current system. Load distribution connected with 4 mm education terminals with 4 pole Mcb 4 nos. Experiments: Study of different loads in ring and Radial distribution system Study of Distribution losses and efficiency. Study of Load voltage control in Power Distribution System. Determine Power Factor Correction. Voltage and current measurement under 3 phase balanced unbalanced load at distribution transformer Study of busbar arrangement including single, dual and ring. Operation of relays distribution protection system with over voltage , over current , under voltage relay. Accessories: 1. 3 Phase Auto Transformer Close Type 5A per Phase 2. 3 Phase Step down Transformer Close Type 3KVA and 5KVA 3. 3 Phase Induction Motor 1Hp as Inductive Load. 4. Adequate No of 4mm Patch Cords for Interconnection. 5. Instruction Manual

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