Cattle Feed Pallet Machine
Cattle Feed Pallet Machine
Sohal Engg. WorksD-40-41, Focal Point , Khanna , Punjab , ( 141401 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: Sohal Engg. Works
Packaging: 1200x800 mm
Composition / Material Type: Cast Iron
Usages: Human Use
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Product details:

Capacity 1 to 10 tone/hr.
Model SNEW002
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product description:

Features of Rice Brane Corn Husk, wheat straw pellet press machine :
1. High efficiency and output with low energy consumption: Through its reasonable and professional design, the machine feeds and press evenly, and discharges pellets with low damage
2.The pellets it produces are smooth and even, better hardness.
3. Movable pelletizer machine with motor, creates no oily fume or pollution.
4. Stronger and durable spare parts, such as that the roller and die is made by high grad complex alloy steel.
5. Of various kinds of pore diameter flat die to choose.
6.This series Flat die pellet machine can produce suppression of biomass particles such as sawdust, straw, chaff and other particles.

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