N Series Cattle Feed Mash Plant
N Series Cattle Feed Mash Plant
Global Namdhari EngineersD-26, Focal Point , Khanna , Punjab , ( 141401 )India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: Global Namdhari Engineers
Packaging: 30x40x45 mm
Composition / Material Type: Cast Iron
Usages: Human Use
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Product Details:

Capacity 4-6 TPH
Modal N-S CFMP-1
Length 30 m
Width 40 m
Height 45 m
Power 1-2 HP

SCADA based Computerised Cattle Feed Plant are best used for their quality standards. In S8 series we use bins for storing different ingredients with the help of software programming. we call/receive an accurate quantity of material ingredients from different silo/bins to a weighting bin. This process is called auto-patching. With the help of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), we monitor and control the process. We use various types of sensors, camera, read switches and decoders etc. to achieve the best possible goals. In these plants, we also have auto bagging. All ingredients enter in the plant with the full weight information and go out in bags with full weight record. Thus we have full record of all the inventory, raw material used, finish goods sold any difference or loss during process.


Sr. No. Modal L W H Power
Ton Per Hour
1 N-S CFMP-1 30 40 45 1-2 4-6 TPH  
2 N-S CFMP-2 30 35 45 2-5 7-8 TPH  
3 N-S CFMP-3 30 35 40 3-5 8-10 TPH  
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