Track Combine Harvester
Track Combine Harvester
N.S.G AGRO INDUSTRIESAlohran Road, Alohran Road, , Nabha , Punjab , India
Product Details:
Product Type: Semi-Automatic
Brand Name: N. S. G. Agro Industries
Packaging: 4000x3000 mm
Composition / Material Type: Cast Iron Bodies
Usages: Human Use
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We have introduced a high performance track combine harvester. The track combine harvester offered by us is highly suitable to be operated in the wet lands. The robust design of the machine offers high ground clearance thus optimizing the maximum output. It also has a heavy duty chassis, durable drivers, eaton pumps which make it ideal for wet harvesting. The machine comes with steering which helps farmers to have comfortable positioning while harvesting. The steering is placed to provide the farmers with the best possible position, to ensure better handling. These combine harvesters comes with most durable drives and clutches. Our track combined harvester has been specifically engineered to match your production methods.

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