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Welcome to kukreja hospital And heart centre

The Hospital was founded in 1996 by Dr. Rajnish Kukreja and Dr. Geetu Kukreja with a capacity of 50 beds and was inaugurated by Dr. Naresh Trehan Director, Escorts Hospital and Research Center. It is a unique example of multi super specialty medical institution of modern times. Today, the Hospital has an enviable list of specialties and super-specialties on offer. Each department has been painstakingly built over the years into a completely networked facility, designed for maximum convenience to the patient. Hospital offers about 8 specialties, ranging from Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Neonatology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, Critical Care Medicine. It was a vision and philosophy of a far reaching dimension that inspired the founders of Hospital to provide excellent standards of medical services for all super specialties under one roof to cater to the growing needs of medical care of the society. The Hospital Management pursues the policy of ploughing back the earnings of the venture for further improvement of the hospital services. Adhering to its promise, the hospital has added a new block enhancing its total bed capacity to 100 beds to meet the growing demand of quality medical care and hospitalisation. The New Block has state-of-the-art Cardiac unit with Observation Ward and Resuscitation Unit backed by all the diagnostic and support services. The ground floor has been designed as Operation Theatre Complex, Cardiac Cath lab. It comprises of Operation Theatres for Neurology, Urology, Orthopedics Surgery, Ophthalmology, Gastrointestinal Surgery and pediatrics Surgery. Post-Operative Intensive Care Unit has also been strategically designed within the same complex to provide maximum medical care to the patients. The New Block also has the state-of-the art labor Room, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Observation Nursery and In-vitro Fertilization Centre. The Hospital trust has been pursuing the aim and objective of providing the services to all classes of the population at affordable rates and will continue to strive to be the most modern hospital always upgrading. Following its core philosophy of valuing human life above all, the Hospital continuously strives to provide newer standards of Medicare with a warm humane touch.

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