Quality Policy

We Think quality is not achieved by doing different things.It is achieved by doing things differently.The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy given needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in presenting a professional front to the marketplace. Our Mission is to discover, develop and successfully market.

Our Vision

We want to provide our clients with services of the highest quality beat their expectations and protect their interests like our own.To teach remunerate and maintain our hardworking employees and co-workers.

Welcome to nivoxaa biotech

All our business processes are thoroughly undertaken following stringent quality measures. These measures includes the use of high quality raw material and hygienic processing of the material including all the stages of production. Herein, we strive to follow Ayurvedic Scriptures of India and also clinically test the product to acknowledge its effects. We make sure that our Herbal Medicines & Nutraceutical product are finely prepared as per the norms and finely packed to assure long life. 

We Have MANY Years of Experience

Each of the these herbal preparations have been clinically tested and only after complete assurance of its effects  on the human body in different ailments, we serve the products to the customers.

Best of resources are invested by us to come up with the most effective herbal preparation that provide quick relief. Our aim is to serve the general mankind with an alternative source of medication that has no or possibly lesser side effects. However, while having these medicines, one should be cautioned against having oily and spicy food. Apart from the preparing effective herbal formulation, we also strive to offer the product in proper packaging that enhance the life of the product. Timely delivery and ethical business practices are part and parcel of our business endeavors

Why Choose nivoxaa biotech..?

There are the following reasons to choose us:

    • Zero Debit Company
    • Fastest Dispatch Unit With Immediate Priority
    • Promotional Support
    • Authenticated services
    • Spacious warehouses
    • Wide range of Products
    • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Collaboration
    • Company understands new demands of market & introduces new molecules every month to help associates to grow faster and deeper in market.
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Year of Establishment01/26/2013
Total Number of Employees20
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