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Wood Turning Lathe Machine - Trade Maantra

An Overview of Wood Turning Lathe Machine Manufacturers in India

A lathe that is made specifically for woodworking applications is known as a wood turning lathe machine from Wood Turning Lathe Machine Manufacturers in India. To put it another way, they are used to shape, drill, face, turn, and otherwise modify timber workpieces. They continue to function by exposing a revolving workpiece to a stationary cutting tool, just like all previous lathes. However, Wood Turning Lathe Machines are employed exclusively to deal with wooden objects. They are not appropriate for workpieces made of metal or other tougher materials.

Compared to their metal counterparts, wood lathes are smaller and less complex. They use a straightforward pulley system to regulate the speed at which they spin the workpieces. Despite having less power than metal lathes, wood lathes are quite efficient at turning hardwood objects. The mass manufacturing of small and medium-sized woodworking businesses is particularly suited to CNC wood lathes. It can swiftly change the processing style and freely set the shape at any time.

Precautions and Safety Rules of Wood Turning Lathe Machine Manufacturers


  • Avoid installing the device while there is lightning or thunder, installing the power outlet in a damp area, and touching the uninsulated power wire.

  • The operator of the wood turning lathe machine from Wood Working Lathe Machine Manufacturers must undergo extensive training, pay close attention to both personal and machine safety while using the machine, and operate the computer numerical control wood lathe.

  • The required 220V/380V power supply voltage fluctuates by less than 5%. Use a regulated power supply with the help of qualified professionals.

Safety Rules:
  • Before using the Wood Turning Machine, make sure the workpiece is securely fastened, that the tailstock fixing nut is tightened, that the thimble is secured with a locking device, that the workpiece is manually rotated, and that the tool holder's position is fixed.

  • Following the clamping of the wood, the chuck must be calibrated manually. Next, it must be checked to see if the knife bar screw and the top of the knife holder are firmly fastened.

Maintenance Rules of Wood Turning Lathe Machine Manufacturers

Wood Turning lathe machines from Wood Turning Machine Manufacturers need to undergo inspection and maintenance prior to and subsequent to operation. Mentioned below are the maintenance rules designed specifically for these contemporary wood lathe machines:

  • Lathe Lubrication Impact: All friction parts of the Wood Turning Lathe Machine India should be greased, and everyday maintenance should be taken into consideration in order to guarantee the lathe operates normally, decrease wear, and extend the service life.

  • Oil Pump Lubrication: With a high speed and a lot of lubricating oil, it is frequently utilised in continuous forced lubrication mechanisms. Numerous lubrication sites in the spindle box are lubricated using this technique.

  • Typical Lathe Lubrication Techniques: Lathe lubrication comes in a variety of types. The following are frequently employed:

    • Pouring Oil Lubrication: For exposed sliding surfaces, like the bed rail surface's slide rail surface, it is frequently employed.

    • Oil Splash Lubrication: It frequently appears in closed boxes. For instance, the turning gear of a lathe spindle box will spray lubricating oil from the box bottom into the box's upper oil tank, where it will then flow to each lubrication point through the tank's oil holes.

Other Safety Procedures of Wood Turning Lathe Machine Manufacturers in India

  • To protect oneself from flying chips of the Wood Turning Lathe Machine from Wood Turning Lathes Manufacturers in India, put on safety goggles, safety glasses with side shields, or a face shield (with safety goggles or safety glasses).

  • Wood Turning Lathe Machine Exporter suggests putting on hearing protection that is appropriate for the volume and frequency of noise to which you are exposed in the workshop.

  • Whenever dust is produced, wear respiratory protection (e.g., during sanding operations).

  • When necessary, put on protective footwear.

  • Work in a well-lit environment.

  • Make sure the work piece is free to turn and that all clamps and fittings are in place before turning on the lathe.

  • Don't use stock that has flaws like loose knots, splits, fissures, or foreign items.

  • Tools should be held firmly against the tool rest with both hands.

  • Hold the stock firmly between the canters or on the faceplate.

  • Utilise only equipment provided or approved for lathe work.

  • Use gouges and chisels that are clean, sharp, and maintained.

Advantages of Wood Turning Lathe Machine Manufacturers in Ludhiana

  • Fully Automatic with Ease of Operation: Using pre-programmed processes, lathes automatically process items. The only tasks required of operators of Wood Turning Lathe Machine from Wood Turning Lathes Manufacturers in Ludhiana are loading and unloading the workpieces, using the control panel, and watching the machining process. Without arduous, repetitive manual labor, the entire process is carried out automatically and continuously. This significantly lessens the stress and intensity of the work and enhances working conditions.

  • Robust Adaptability: All that is required to switch a workpiece for another machining is to re programmed the Wood Turning Lathe Machine from Wood Turning Lathe Machine suppliers. There is no requirement to use and change several tools, fittings, and measuring instruments, unlike traditional woodworking lathes. Additionally, the lathe does not require frequent adjustment.

As a result, switching from processing one part to processing another is quick using the wood turning lathe machine. Small batches, single pieces, and the trial production of new items are all greatly facilitated by this. It not only speeds up the production set-up process but also lowers tool costs significantly.

Main Composition of Manufacturer of Wood Turning Lathe Machine

The wood turning lathe machines from the Manufacturer of Wood Turning Lathe Machine come in a variety of configurations. Some machines combine milling and grinding operations into a single unit, whereas others use two spindles and two tool turrets. Similar machines differ from one another as well. There are several different wood lathe machines available from the Wood Turning Lathe Machine dealers, each with a different level of power, stock size, and tool holding.

A lathe bed, a spindle, a turret, and a control system are the basic components of the CNC lathe machine.

  • Lathe Bed: The structure of the lathe bed is made of extremely rigid cast iron, and other components use tempered precision castings. It can guarantee precise and stable operation and enhance deformation resistance.

  • Spindle: The wood turning machine may have one or more spindles attached. Additionally, the machine with many spindles can process numerous workpieces at once, substantially enhancing productivity.

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